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En Route to the South

February 28, 2010
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Meg and Gracie chilling

I decided to leave 3 days early to visit some of my favorite cousins, Meg and Gracie in Lynchburg, VA (the LBV.)  As Gracie is only 3, most of the partying we did involved magic tea, chicken nuggets, carousels and Dora the Explorer.  Apparently I make pretty good tots, “flowers go hard”, and instead of saying “Daaaannngggg!” Gracie prefers “Daaaaaaannnnnkkk!”  which is fine by me as well. hehehe.

However, aside from great kid fun, the LBV happens to boast a Mexican restaurant where 2 grown ups can eat their faces off and get wasted on Margarita’s for $31.  Additionally, if you want to see the true demographics of the area, La Carreta offers wonderful people watching.  (Surprisingly, no mullets were sited during this stop; but my cousin’s neighbor owns a candy painted peptobismal pink Cadillac that could only have been made better by the fact that it’s owner has named their barber shop after their car.)

Finally, and this is somewhat unrelated to the LBV, but Meg (or Laguna for short) is well known for her love of trash tv.  And while I do not regularly indulge in this offense, this weekend I took advantage of catching up on our generation’s timeless classics; Tool Academy, Celebrity Rehab, Bad Girls Club and others not even worth a mention. My IQ may have dropped, but I somehow feel more American for having watched this garbage.

This Candy Painted Caddy is the Mascot for Cadillac Cutz in LBV


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When Preparing to Move into Your Car

February 23, 2010
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The idea of packing up your apartment, putting its contents into a storage unit and essentially moving into your car is one of those ridiculous ideas that most people dismiss as a non option in life.

To me it was an idea with little chance of reality that came when hanging with some friends discussing my impending doom…. errr future.

With my lease up, no real roommate options, bored with life, and a work from home job, the reality of moving into my car started to seem like a good idea in a “hahaha I could really save money living in my car sort of way.”

But no for real, I could actually move into my car for a bit and take a fucking road trip across the country and see friends and family and fucking party in like 29 states. I’m just saying.

And so to make a long story short, you call everyone you know, ask them if you can sleep on their couch and use their internet in return for a good time and a couple homemade dinners (dishwashing complimentary.) Ask your bosses if they will cosign on a cross country road trip (which actually means asking “will you let me continue to work for you and essentially fund my vacation errrr I mean work-cation for the next 2ish months?”) Move your shit into a storage unit and buy new tires. And thats how you prepare to move into your car.

Mine and Abe's last date

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