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Detours in the Desert | May 10, 2010

I decided to take the road less traveled on my way from California to Breckenridge Colorado for two reasons.  The first was that it was the shortest route that my main navigation team of Google Maps (powered by myself,) Alisa, and MapQuest (powered by Alisa) could find.  The second was because why on earth would you not literally take the road less traveled when you are leading a “road less traveled” lifestyle right?  Well this road less traveled was called Route 6 and it found its origins in Bishop, CA as it turned out.

*On a side note Route 6 used to be the longest highway in America stretching from someplace in Massachusetts to some Pacific coast city in Cali.  Cali shut down the portion west of Bishop though so now that is its end, or beginning if you are heading east! 😉

Basically route 6 cuts across the upper portion of Nevada into Utah and has NOTHING there.  Every book or resource about it urges you to fill up with gas whenever you see it.  There is like a 300 mile stretch with NOTHING.  Like absolutely NOTHING.

I cannot comment on that because while I was updating my mom on my route and checking in with her I missed the turn off that route 6 makes in nowhere Nevada and ended up driving 90 miles out of my way towards Las Vegas before I realized the error of my ways.

I ended up driving through Las Vegas which was something I was really trying to avoid.  Not just because I hate Vegas, but because it was like 4 hours or more out of my way.  Fuck my life right?  I would usually say yes to a question like this.  But I saw a real live brothel.  With free parking for trucks overnight!! How exciting right?  🙂

A real Nevada brothel

Well and Nevada actually had beautiful geologic features along the way!

gorgeous striped rocks

And I totally forgot the best part….  I “got” to drive though Arizona again, which is exactly how I wanted to spend another day of my trip heading north east!  But actually it was one of the most memorable and beautiful drives of the trip.  I wish I could share in pictures what it was like but I was careening through canyons and felt like taking pictures simultaneously would be bad for my health.


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