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The Proper Way to Visit a Denny’s | May 10, 2010

After my long detour through Nevada and another trip into Arizona, I was excited to get to Utah to see what the heck all the commotion was about this state.  Everyone I know that has been there says its one of the most beautiful states in the union.  I had wanted to take some time and see more than just what the highway had to offer as far as views.  But I was well behind schedule and my extra cash had gone to gas from driving extra miles.

Also, and I am sure my friends will be sad about this, but after having been in the desert and/or arid climates for a few weeks I was not nearly as impressed as I probably should have been.  It really is beautiful though and deserves more of my attention some other time.

Beautiful Utah

The point of this entry is to share a kind of funny tale with you.  So I am exhausted from having been driving all day and taking a detour to Las Vegas.  It was dark, in the high 20’s temperature wise, I was alone on the road, the highway kept twisting and turning through the mountains, and there were signs for ice.  Basically, I was cold, scared, and alone.  And it was kind of late, so I called my navigation specialist Alisa (in Detroit mind you) for her to investigate further what I had ahead of me as far as a drive.  I was on my way to Breckenridge Colorado, which is like 16 hours from Bishop, CA.

She told me that I was about to get to the last town for 120 miles.  Basically, I had to either sleep there or commit to another 2 hours.  I decided to sleep in this little town called Salina.

I had blown my hotel budget on gas, so I found a Super 8 with a Denny’s in the parking lot.  Denny’s is open 24 hours a day so I knew there would be people near at all times.  Super 8 offered a semi secluded parking lot with plenty of spaces.  So I did what any reasonable American would do, I brushed my teeth in Denny’s sink, washed my face, changed into my pajamas and once finished I parked my car near a street light in the corner of the Super 8 parking lot.  Then I climbed in my backseat and got a full nights rest.  7 hours to be exact.

When I woke up I was quite surprised to be surrounded by trucks without their trailers attached, apparently I had not been the only one with this idea.  But I hadn’t been bothered, so I was good to go.  I went back into Denny’s to plug my phone in, have some breakfast, and of course brush my teeth and wash my face and change back into daytime clothes.  This was literally the only time in my life when I have been to Denny’s sober.

The waitress was really nice even at 530 in the morning.  She was an avid bowler and it seemed like the only traveling she had ever experienced was with the Denny’s national bowling league.  The locals were nice too, although a bit creepy.  I was glad for her company.

Long story short, the Denny’s in Salina, UT can be used as a safe haven if need be. 😉

Utah Sights


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