Lizzie on Location

About Lizzie

It’s me Lizzie Baby!!  And I am taking the next 2ish months to drive across the country staying on my friends and families couches and checking out the hotness Amerrrika has to offer.  Couch surfing, seedy motels, Walmart’s finest, hangovers in different states, and maybe a few of America’s Finest Mullets will appear along the way.   DC to Cali to Maine and back…….


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About author

To begin with, this is not for baby ears or the weak. By baby ears I mean people with sensitivity issues and the under 18 crowd. I am crass and if you are easily offended by my language and/or opinions and/or comments and/or behavior, you can get the fuck over yourself..... (sorry mom and anyone else who loves me but wishes my mouth was less filthy.)







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